We try to remind boys and parents to just get one thing signed off each week.  We do this not because we want the boys to become Eagle Scouts by the age of 14, but because it gives them a sense of achievement and accomplishment.  This in turn creates life lessons that teach boys and parents alike that you can do almost anything if you just keep plugging away.  Its like the old joke about how to eat a whale…one bite at at time.  Our troop turns out a very high percentage of Eagle Scouts.  In fact, we have one of the highest ratios in the nation right here in little old Banks Oregon. 

One of the ways we challenge the boys, is forcing them to make phone calls and communicate their plans to others.  Sometimes it can seem a little old fashioned, but this helps them polish many skills at once, and build confidence in themselves.  And as we move more towards online comms, knowing how to do things many ways is even more critical.
Its interesting to me how many parents continue to volunteer with the troop even after their sons have left to do other things.  It tells me that this is not just a great place for boys to pursue their interests but also a great place for adults to help young people.  As a Scoutmaster who doesn’t have a boy in the troop any longer, I’m in a unique position to encourage parents who do have boys in the troop to participate.  Its that parent participation that is one of the reasons we have such a high turn out of Eagle Scouts. There is a direct correlation between parent participation and rank advancement.  We always tell the boys that the most important thing for them is to have fun.  For many of them, just having a parent be there with them lets them know they care and makes all the difference in the world as it relates to their enjoyment in the troop.  I know for my own son, the comradery, the camping and rank advancement where all minor compared to the knowledge in his mind that his dad was doing something with him every week.
Two other main reason boys have so much fun in scouting and this troop in particular are Summer Camps and High Adventure trips.  Boys achieve a significant degree of accomplishment and rank advancement at Summer Camp.  We encourage each and every boy to go every year.  Summer Camp changes lives, builds confidence and makes lifelong friendships. We always do everything we can to get a boy to Summer Camp. The other great thing about our troop is our annual High Adventure trip.  These trips are meant for the all members of the family that are capable of going. 
If you are a member of this troop either as a Scout or as a parent, you know how much fun it is.  If you’re not a member, come join us for a meeting on Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM.  We go out of our way to make sure you feel welcome.
Matt Jones