October 2014 Parent Committee Minutes

Boy Scout Troop 581
Parent Committee Minutes

October 7, 2014

Called to order at 7:10 PM by Carol Heun. 






Flying Saucers

Fierce Falcons

Flying Monkeys


Flying Monkeys

Flying Saucers

Fierce Falcons


Fierce Falcons

Flying Monkeys

Flying Saucers


Committee Reports

SPL Report     Ian Steigerwald

            Ian asked Deana if she would reserve Camp Baldwin camp space in 2015 for 20 scouts and 5 adults, first date choice July 26th, second choice August 5th.  Carol encouraged Ian to identify dates for caroling in December.


Friday, October 3          Order of the Arrow Ordeal

                                          Returning Sunday, October 5

 Tuesday, October 7        6:00 PM PLC
                                           7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Archeology Merit Badge

                                           7:10 PM Parent Committee

 Friday, October 10        Fossil Trip, returning Sunday October 12

                                          Scout in Charge: Dominic Bigelow, Adult in Charge: Joe Steigerwald

 Tuesday, October 14     7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Archeology Merit Badge

                                          7:00 PM Quartermaster Meeting

 Tuesday, October 21     7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Archeology Merit Badge

                                          7:00 PM 501c3 Meeting

Friday, October 24        Webelos Woods, returning Sunday, October 26, Scout in Charge: Ryan Weaver,
                                           Adult in Charge: Joe Steigerwald,  Register on line

Tuesday, October 28     7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Archeology Merit Badge


 Saturday, Nov 1             2:00 pm John Heun Court of Honor       

 Tuesday, Nov. 4            6:00 PM PLC- Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
                                           7:00 PM Scout Meeting

                                           7:10 PM Parent Committee

 Tuesday, Nov. 11           7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

                                           7:00 PM Quartermaster Meeting

 Saturday, Nov. 15         Wilderness Survival Camp, returning Sunday Nov 16th

                                           Adult in charge – Don White

 Tuesday, Nov. 18          7:00 PM Scout Meeting – Troop Elections, Movie Night

                                          7:00 PM 501c3 Meeting

 Tuesday, Nov. 25          7:00 PM Scout Meeting


Tuesday, Dec. 2            6:00 PM PLC
                                         7:00 PM Scout Meeting- Archeology Merit Badge

                                         7:10 PM Parent Committee

 Tuesday, Dec 9            7:00 PM Scout Meeting

                                         7:00 PM Quartermaster Meeting

 Tuesday, Dec 16           7:00 PM Scout Meeting

                                         7:00 PM 501c3 Meeting


Scoutmaster Report      Ed Preble

Ed will check with people who have provided access to Wilderness Survival areas in the past and secure permission for upcoming Wilderness Survival camp.

Quartermaster               Tim Weaver

Requested and received permission to purchase small items such as can openers for camping gear.  Dry goods such as cups, plates, etc. to be provided by Grubmaster per camping event.  Remind scouts to bring mess kit.

Fort Steven’s recruitment camp very successful, suggestion made to do it again next year. We may have 8 new Scouts this coming February, and another large group the following year.  Suggestion made to have a Troop member go to Pack (prior to Recruitment Camp Out) and let them know what to bring and what to expect.  Grubmaster Hall did a wonderful job!

Carol suggested replacement of Troop Flag which although made of silk and well-constructed is showing signs of wear and tear.  Carol said that the Scout website had one that ranged from $100-$150, depending upon what was written on it. 

Dave made motion to replace Troop Flag.  Sharon seconded the motion and the vote was passed unanimously.

Current flag to be washed and ironed by Carol.  Suggestion made to retire to display case in hall.

Training/Advancement   Sandy Baldrige

Sandy not at meeting – no report.

Next Court of Honor January 2015.

Rae reminded people that many are not current in training.  In order to ensure you are up to date in your training obligations go to www.scouting.org, log into your scout account and take requisite training.  Phil encouraged everyone to link to BSA while in scouting.org.  This ensures that when you do take the training you will get credit for it.  If you need help with that contact Phil.

Outdoor/Activities         Karen Sotto

Fort Stevens went fine.  Next outing is the Fossil Trip, Courtney and Rosalea are adults in charge.

Need to have more adults current in Hazardous Weather Training and First Aid Training.  Karen has contacted Fire Department to see about offering First Aid training to Troop.


Deana reported that the Hot Dog sale went fine with both community donations and Jim’s Thriftway donation.

Rosalea and Courtney handling the Christmas Tree Recycling Fundraiser, will include Webelos for help with flyer distribution and can recycling. This allows them to start fundraising for their camperships and we could really use their help.

Deana brought copies of Wreath Forms.  Deadline is October 28th to receive wreaths around Thanksgiving, and November 11th to receive around 1st of December.

Treasurer                       Deana Hall

Announcement made that Deana is leaving by the end of the year.  She will be very hard to replace and we will all miss her.  We need to consider who would make a good replacement, giving him/her time to work with Deana before she leaves.

Deana reported that although there is money in the 501c3 account, the general operating budget is getting a little low.  It was agreed that the portion of Ft. Stevens recruitment camp trip that was incurred by potential future members of the Troop be paid for from the 501c3 account.  Troop members who attended will pay their share of trip expenses.

Joe made motion to have remaining Ft. Stevens costs covered by 501c3. Dale seconded, vote was passed unanimously.

Family dues will be due soon.  Last year the $125 per family was paid half by troop and half by each family. 

Dave made motion to do the same thing as last year. Seconded by Joe, the vote was passed unanimously.

Rae received $500 from the American Legion for the Scouts that went on the high adventure Hawaii trip.  Discussion was had as to what to do with the money, and how to continue to build relationship with American Legion.  Since the American Legion specifically said that the money was for the high adventure trip, the money will be divided into the accounts of the scouts who went to Hawaii.  Suggestions for building relationships included inviting American Legion to a flag retirement ceremony and potluck, and perhaps a service project at the American Legion Hall. 

Rae made motion that the $500 donation from the American Legion be distributed equally among the scouts that went to Hawaii, which would be $50.00 each.  Dale seconded, the vote was passed unanimously.

Rae made motion that $50.00 from 501c3 be paid to each scout who went to Camp Pioneer this summer. Dale seconded.  Upon discussion the motion was tabled until later as there was some confusion about whether each scout had already received $50.00 from 501c3 for 2014.

Other Business

Joe encouraged others to go to Roundtable, once a month meeting the second Thursday of each month.  All adults are invited and encouraged to go meet with other Scouting members and parents of Boy Scout Tuality District.  It is a great opportunity to hear what other Troops are doing, what is successful, what is not, what is new and upcoming, etc. Next theme of meeting is retention and involvement of older scouts.

Sharon has 7-8 children’s life jackets she thought would be useful for Eagle projects at Hagg Lake.

Adjourned  8:30   PM

Respectfully submitted by Robin Cavendish

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